Facebook Status Messages for Friendship Day

FaceBook Status Messages for Friendship Day/Sample FaceBook Status Messages for Friendship Day/ Friendship Day FaceBook Status Messages/Best FaceBook Friendship Status Day Messages

Express your happiness with your friends on Friendship day on FaceBook by posting a heartfelt happy friendship status message.

Read on to find the perfect FaceBook status messages for happy friendship Day

  • God is really good because He did something special for me, and that is when He bless me with a friend like you.Happy Friendship Day! 

  • They say, true friend is hard to find but I am lucky to have you. Thank you for being such a true friend and staying with me through thick and thin.

  • Thank you for being nice to me all the times. I will treasure you forever as my friend.Happy Friendship day! 

  • I want you to know that you are one of the best blessings I ever received from heaven. You are indeed a good friend. Happy Friendship day! 

  • You laugh when I laugh and you even cry when I cry. I think that’s the real essence of friendship.Happy Friendship day! 

  • A friend like you is hard to find and I hope we will always remain friends forever. Happy Friendship day! 

  • You are such a nice person and a friend like you is rare to find. Let’s treasure the friendship we have and I hope we can be friends forever.

  • I love the way you smile when I’m sad and I love it when you try to make me laugh when I’m down. Thank you for being my strength and hope every time I need someone to lean on. You are my best friend indeed. Happy Friendship day! 

  • A true friend never disappears in times of difficulties. You are really great. I’ll give you an A+ for being an excellent friend. Happy Friendship day! 

  • We’ve been through many trials and we’ve shared millions of smiles and laughter, you never failed me as a friend and I hope I did well too as your friend.Happy Friendship day! 

  • Every day I see thousands of people around me, thinking that I have to be thankful because of the thousands people I found you. Now, we are friends and I will keep our relationship forever.

  • Thank you for an awesome friendship we have. You are like the stars in the night that shines on me to give hope. You are simply an amazing friend.

  • Our friendship has been tested for years and by many trials. I just want you to know that I’m happy knowing that you are my friend. Stay as sweet as you are!

  • Through the years, we’ve shared laughter’s and tears that made our friendship stronger and more meaningful. Lets promise to be true friends forever.Happy Friendship day! 
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