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Friends are the most important part of our lives. They are the ones that make you happy, really make you understand what the meaning of the word ‘fun’ really is and they are the ones that will stand by you in your toughest times. 

That is why, you should tell your friends on this Friendship Day that you are happy to have them in your life and that you really care about them. Here is an amazing collection of happy friendship day messages that you can choose from. Read on to find the perfect happy friendship day message right here. Also check our collection on FaceBook Status Messages On Friendship Day.

  • True friends are like stars, you may not be able to see them always but you can be sure that they are always there. Happy Friendship Day.

  • Best friends don’t really have a reason for their friendship. That means the friendship can’t be broken when they fail to find any reason. Happy Friendship Day.

  • Thanks for giving me all the love and the affection. I am so happy that I found such a true friend like you. Happy Friendship Day to you.

  • In such a short amount of time, we have become such good friends. Hope we stay friends forever and share great moments together. Happy Friendship day.

  • We may both be very busy in our lives and don’t really find time to talk and spend a lot of time together, but you can be sure that I will come to rescue you if you ever land up in trouble because, we are true friends. Happy Friendship Day.

  • Happy Friendship to you. Thanks for being with me all this time and hope our beautiful friendship never ends.

  • Friendship is not just a word, it is a promise that says I was, I am and will be with you forever. Happy Friendship Day.

  • True friends are the most difficult ones to find, they are the most difficult ones to leave and they are even more difficult to forget. I am blessed that I found one. Happy Friendship Day.

  • Thank you my friend, for touching my life in ways that you will never comprehend. Happy Friendship Day. Thanks for being there.

  • All my riches do not lie in material things that I own, they lie in having such amazing friends like you. Happy Friendship Day.

  • For all the times that you have been there for me, thank you so much. Thank you for being my friend, Happy Friendship Day. 

  • True friends are hard to find. I am glad that I found you. Hoping to strengthen our ties of friendship.

  • I remember the days we spend together. The chats at the canteen, weekend movies and cycling by the beach. Now that we are far, I miss those days. Let‘s catch up soon. Happy Friendship Day!

  • Wishing you a Happy Friendship Day. Let our friendship remain the same for ever.

  • Happy Friendship Day is here again! Let us meet and chat again this week over dinner at my house.

  • Years have passed and we have shared out joys and sorrows together. Let us continue to do so. Happy Friendship Day!

  • Just chatting with you makes my day bright. It is great to have a friend like you. Let us be great friends forever. Happy Friendship Day!

  • Want to let you know that our friendship mean a lot to me. You cheer me up each day and encourage me when I am down. True friend s like you is hard to find. 
  • True friendship never fails. It is great to have one real friend like you than several friends. Happy Friendship Day!

  • You made my life worth living. Hope our friendship remains the same forever. Happy Friendship Day!

  • True friendship stands the test of time. It will not sway even if winds of life blow in different directions. I am so glad to have a friend like you.

  • I have no words to describe you. Thank you for being with me always. Wishing a Happy Friendship Day.

  • You have brought so much fun and laughter in my life. I may not be perfect, but will always be there for you. 

  • Happy Friendship Day, Dear friend. This is the perfect day to thank you for being patient with me and walking alongside me even though I was far from being perfect.

  • The greatest gift of life is Friendship and I am lucky to receive that gift from you. 

  • True Friendship is something no amount of wealth can buy. A friend like you truly adds new meaning to my life. Happy Friendship Day!

  • So just use the above Friendship Day messages as samples to send to your dear friends. Let them know that you really care and would like to retain the friendship.

Remenbering your friends on friendship day  can tell them how special they are to you. You can take your friendship to the next level when you send a personalised message. 

Take time at least once a year on Friendship day to send messages to your friends. So go ahead and use these sample messages for friendship day to wish your friends on the friendship day.

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