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It is hard to say I am sorry, right? But if you want to win your girlfriend’s heart, saying sorry is a must. Saying  sorry with a thoughtful gift can be a great idea too. So if you are running short of ideas on what to buy your girlfriend as a sorry gift go ahead and check this post on Sorry Gift Ideas for Her. 

And for the perfect sorry message read on to find the most heartfelt and thoughtful sorry message for your girlfriend right here. 

  •  I promised not to break your heart honey, but I did. I am truly sorry for what I have done. I hope you would believe me that my mistake does not mean I do not love you anymore. I do, but there are things in our lives that we wish it never happened. Deep in my heart, you should be the last person I would hurt. I am so sorry for breaking your heart; I will try my best to mend it until you have forgiven me. 

  • I know that trust is one of the most important aspect of our relationship, but somehow I broke that trust. I am sorry love, I know that words are not enough but I promise to win back that trust through actions. I am looking forward to the day that you would fully trust me again. I love you still and will wait my love.
  • I hope it is not too late to apologize with my mistake, I am so sorry my love. Please give a second chance to make our relationship work.
  • Baby I apologize that I did not immediately told you the truth about meeting my past girlfriend. It is not that I intended to hide it from you or because there is something between us. Whatever relationship I had with Christine was past already, I do not want to hurt you or made you think of something else. I am sorry, please forgive me.

  • I took you for granted, your little things that you do for me everyday and being there always through thick and thin means a lot to me. What a jerk I am that I only realized it now how important you are in my life. I am sorry and I promise to take care of you more from now on. I love you so much.

  • Accept my apology, darling. I regret about what happened, it is my fault. Please forgive me, I am sorry.
  • Sweetheart, I know it hurts so much when you see me with another girl. I promise to be faithful, but I always fall short with that promise. How many times that I said I am sorry, but here I am again in front of you begging for your forgiveness. I admit about my weakness but actually you are my strength. You are the most loving and understanding girlfriend, I am so sorry please forgive me.

  • Losing you is the last thing that would go to my mind because I cannot imagine a life with you. I am sorry my future better-half. 

  • Sorry for being insensitive in front of my friends yesterday. I am not aware that I would hurt your feelings. Please forgive me and I promise to consider your feelings first. I hope to see your smile again for me.

  • I believe that our disagreements are part of the ups and downs of our relationship. Hold on my love, I am amenable for my mistake last night. I talked too much not realizing about what you think and feel. I promise to listen more than talk, I am so sorry. 

  • You are the missing piece in my life puzzle and you changed my life when you have given your love and trust to me. I am truly sorry for what I have done baby, allow me to shower you with my love, trust, and respect.

  • I am just a guy on bended knees waiting to be forgiven by his lovely and understanding girlfriend. I am deeply sorry…

  • I am not a perfect guy but with a 99% perfect love. The remaining 1% is the mistakes that I can have for our relationship. I am sure in my heart that you will be a future perfect wife for me. I deeply apologized. 

  • I know this is not the perfect apology, but I have a perfect intention to ask your forgiveness. I have been hot tempered lately which caused me to say unnecessary things. Now I realized that there are things that better left unsaid. I am truly sorry sweetheart.

  • I may not be good enough but I will my best to give the love what you need. But with my human shortcomings, I apologize for what I have done. I will try my best again to keep my promise. 

  • Please accept my apology, I know my mistake is unforgiveable but I still hope that your love will rise above your anger. I deserve to be hanged on the street, but I pray my dearest that your forgiveness will save me.

  • "I am just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to forgive him” This line sounds familiar but I did some twist, remember love when we watched “Notting Hill”? We are meant to be together. Please forgive me dear. 

  • I would never quit in asking your forgiveness, I am sorry that I got easily jealous without a valid reason. Please accept my apology. I really love you sweetheart. 
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