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I Miss You Messages For Wife/ Sample I Miss You Messages For Wife/I Miss You Messages For Her/I Miss you Messages 

If you are missing your wife and are looking for a nice, simple yet so sweet message to send to your wife then you have reached the right spot. Here you will find plenty of “I Miss You Messages for Wife”. Just read, select and use. Happy reading!

  • I hate lonely nights my dear. I really miss your hugs and kisses. When are you coming home darling? Without you, my day is totally incomplete.

  • How are you? Being away from you is really a sad and tough time for me. I miss you almost every day. Wish you were here. I love you!

  • It’s hard to smile and be happy now, when it is you in my mind all the time. I just want you to know that I’m missing you so much.

  •  Take care of yourself , work but also enjoy your office trip. I miss you dear and looking forward to pick you up at the airport on sunday Morning. I love you!

  • How you doing love? You make me miss you so much! Looking forward to meet you right after your seminar ends. Its going to be a special evening. 

  • Distance means nothing when someone means everything. I’m sending this message to simply remind you how much I miss you. I really want to see you soon. 

  • When I say “I miss you” it comes from my heart. I think I cannot take one more day, not seeing you. I miss you so much my dear wife, let’s see each other soon.

  • You are so lovely! Every day I feel lonely and incomplete because I really want you here beside me. I totally miss you each day and I hope you do too! Please come home soon. 

  • This is to express how much I miss you right now. I want you to know that, you were never out of my thoughts. I can’t wait to see you again.

  • Distance doesn’t matters at all, because you are always here in my heart. I love you and I miss you every day. You are the most beautiful and lovely woman in my life. 

  • Every day I miss you my love and I think it’s getting harder to handle this situation. Will you come home early dear. I miss you so much! 

  • It’s hard to explain why you are always in my heart and in my mind, but what I simply can tell you right now, I MISS YOU SO MUCH MY DEAR WIFE!

  • Hope you are having a good day my dear! Coz me, a little bit lonely since I’m starting to miss you again. I wish I can make the time runs so fast, so that we can be both at home in the beautiful company of each other . I Miss you my dear!

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