What to write in a Retirement Card to Boss /Retirement Card Messages For Boss/What to Write in a Retirement Card /Retirement Wishes for A Boss/ Sample Retirement Card Wordings For Boss

Express your retirement wishes to your boss by writing a sincere message to show your appreciation to him/her.  Here are sample retirement wishes for the Boss which you can use to convey your sincere retirement wishes to your Boss. 

  • Your legacy will always remain with us Boss! For sure, it will not be forgotten and we will live by your good example.  Happy retirement!

  • Retirement is not the end of a wonderful career path.  You can always pursue your other career dreams. Whatever it is, I wish you the best of success.  Happy retirement and God bless you always, boss.

  • Retirement is not getting you old, but it is actually getting you younger because life has still much to offer.  May you spend your days of retirement to the fullest!  Thank you, boss.

  • You build us not only as efficient employees but also as better persons.  I have learned so much from you, boss.  As a retired employee of the company, you deserve to be spending more time for your family, friends, and the things you love to do.

  • Finally, you are retired! Enjoy and relax to the fullest.

  • After many years of working, you will be relieved from stress and worries.  Happy retirement, my dearest boss!

  • It is hard when you feeling stressed because of the deadlines. Now that you are retired, I hope I can see a more relaxed retired boss.  Have a wonderful retirement.

  • Good luck boss on your retirement, how about a farewell treat? We will all love that!

  • Be your own boss.You have said that you always wanted to start a small business of your own during retirement.  Now is the time, you deserve to pursue your long-time dream, God bless your future business venture.

  • You were an asset to the company and your unwavering contributions helped us and the company a lot.

  • You are a true leader in every sense, I hate to see you go boss, but I am happy, too for your own good.  God bless always.

  • For sure, your family, and especially your grandchildren are delighted on your upcoming retirement.  They can spend more time with their Popsie!

  • If I can be just half of being a good leader as you I will be so happy.  You are inspiration to me boss!  Good luck to your well-deserved retirement.

  • You are already on top of the corporate ladder. It is time to pursue your other passion in life.  

  • I will miss your presence and guidance in the office. I hope the new head of the department will be as good and kind as you were.  Best wishes in your retirement.

  • Wish you the best on your retirement boss!

  • You are invited boss to a farewell party for a great person and mentor on Saturday, with  no other but YOU!  We all wish you a well-spent retirement.   

  • I am lucky to have a good boss like you, you trained me so well for eight years.  Thank you so much boss!  Happy retirement!

  • I will miss you, boss!  You inspired me to do better every day and I owe you the things I learned in my work.  Have a wonderful time with your retirement.

  • The joy of retirement is up to you, I am excited for you and to the life ahead.   Happy retirement boss!

  • Now that you are retired, you will have the time for other important things in your life.  Good luck boss!

  • You are just retiring from work. More exciting things are coming up. Best wishes!

  • We will miss the leadership you have shown in the company,  what a great leader and person you are.  May the Lord bless you as you begin a new life during your retirement.

  • Your invaluable contributions to our department helped us become better, we wish you happiness and contentment during retirement life.  

  • It is an honor to be under your supervision boss.  You will be missed!
What to write in a Retirement Card to Colleague /Retirement Card Messages For Co-worker/What to Write in a Retirement Card For Co- worker Colleague/ Retirement Wishes for A Colleague/ Sample Retirement Card Wordings For Colleague

Send various send-off messages before the last working day of your colleague to show your gratitude and wishes. Here are some ideas and sample wordings for retirement card messages for colleagues.

Read on to find the perfect wordings on what to write in a retirement card for a colleague. 
  • I still remember when we first met on the hallway twelve years ago. Now that you are leaving the company for retirement, I cannot imagine the days when you are not around. But of course, I wish you happiness and good luck. See you around, Betty.

  • Your legacy will remain with the team whom you guided and shared your knowledge with. I am happy and proud to have worked with you for five years. Enjoy each day of your retirement life.

  • Retiring from the job does not mark an end but a beginning of a new life, less stress, and less pressure. I wish you a well-spent retirement life ahead.

  • It is not too late to create more meaningful and exciting memories in your retirement life. Pack your luggage and explore the world. Congratulations!

  • Now is the time to go back with your hobbies and the things that you always wanted to do but cannot because of work commitments. Happy retirement!

  • Enjoy the life ahead of you, Kate, your great contributions to the company helped the company grow. Congratulations!

  • Retirement is not losing your job or making your mind stagnant. There are a lot of things you can do that will make your life richer and meaningful during your retirement life. I wish you happiness and good health always.

  • Congratulations for your upcoming retirement this month my friend. I wish to see you more during your retirement life, I am also waiting for my time next year. I am excited to travel with you then.

  • Do not put your retirement life boring, the world is so big to explore. Now is the time to do it. What an exciting life is waiting for you as you begin your retirement.

  • Congratulations to your retirement, take this opportunity to chase your other dreams. I know that you have always wanted to pursue culinary lessons. I am excited for you, congratulations!
  • Retirement does not mean you will stop having ambitions. I am looking forward to see you happy and fulfilled with as you conquer new adventures in life.

  • I started my career in this company with you, I remember how happy we were when we were accepted and offered the job. Now that you are leaving for retirement, I am saddened. But of course, I am very happy that you are now living a new life with your retirement.

  • We had awesome days here at the office. I will cherish them for the rest of my life. You are an excellent and remarkable colleague, congratulations to your retirement.

  • Congratulations to your retirement! Take care, my best colleague and friend.

  • You have been promoted several times and had a fulfilling career here in the company. I support you for getting an early retirement. You can enjoy more the fruits of your labor with your family. Happy retirement, Angela!

  • Retirement may mean getting old, but does not mean a boring life. May you have a happy and colorful life ahead.

  • Now that you are retired, you can enjoy more of your grandchildren. I am sure you are always longing to be with them. Happy retirement!

  • Thank you for the wonderful days we have been together. You have always been there for me when I am new and struggling with the work environment. It is hard to let go of a dear colleague like you. I wish you the best of everything during your retirement years.

  • You have been a hardworking and dedicated employee in your fifteen years of service with the company. You deserve a good retirement plan ahead.

  • You will be missed, Charlize. You made work easier for me and the rest of the team because of your positive and cheerful outlook in life that radiates to us. Best wishes and take care always.

  • Thank you for supporting me and believing in my talent. You are the best co-worker I ever had. Your kindness will not be forgotten as you are leaving soon for your retirement. Congratulations!

  • You are God’s gift when you became my colleague and eventually became a friend. I am new in this town and knew few people back then. You deserved this retirement, enjoy it to the fullest!

  • Congratulations and God bless as you begin your retirement life!

  • You brought sunshine in the workplace, you will be missed. I wish you happiness and success in your future retirement plans. 
  • Retirement is like getting young again because another life begins. Congratulations!

What to write in a Retirement Card to Friend/ Retirement Card Messages For Friend/Retirement Wishes for A Friend/ Sample Retirement Card Wordings For A Friend

Are you at a loss for words on what to write on a retirement card for a friend, well you have reached the right spot. Here is a amazing  list of retirement wishes for a friend to choose from. And we are sure that your friend will surely appreciate getting a special message from you on his life milestone.Read on to find the perfect retirement card wordings right here.

  • I am so glad you are one of us - a retired man now. So no more execuses for overtime at work. Now that you are retired, we can spend more time together. Looking forward to our afternoon chess meetings. 

  • Congratulations your retirement has come; you have been a hardworking and diligent worker in your company.  You will have more time celebrating life with your husband and kids.  I hope to see you soon at your home at your coffee table.

  • I am sure your retirement days will be amazing and enjoyable with your family and friends.  I am gathering our friends to a simple get-together to celebrate with you.

  • Retirement means more relaxation.  I am so glad we can have more time in our fitness sessions and traveling explorations.  Happy retirement, my dearest friend!

  • Enjoy every second of your retirement life; I witnessed all the hard work and sacrifices for your work.  You deserved a good retirement life.  Take care, my friend.

  • All the best in your retirement life!  I am sure your family is excited to be with you more now that you are retired.

  • Wishing you good health and more success during your retirement.  Success means not only in career, but also other dreams you want to achieve.  Happy retirement!

  • I am proud you are my friend; you were able to balance work and personal life with your family and friends.  Despite the busy schedules, you managed to be a good friend and you’re always there for me.  It is now time for you to enjoy life for yourself more because you deserved it.   

  • You will be missed. There will be an empty chair starting Monday.  You are more than my officemate but also a good friend.  See you on weekends.

  • Retirement means no deadlines, no boss around, no unpleasant officemates, no rush hours.  Sounds great right?  Enjoy more good things in life now that you are retired.  I am happy for you my friend.  I will have my retirement one year from now.  Take care.

  • Have a wonderful retirement! I heard you will have a European tour.  Enjoy and let us catch up when you get back to the country.  

  • Congratulations on your retirement!  I know you hate Mondays, now you can relax and stay late in bed. Have a wonderful retirement life.

  • You can never be replaced in our hearts.  You did great here in our hotel, remember when I first met you at the lobby of the hotel?  That was the start of the beautiful friendship for six years.  Well, I am relieved because you are only retiring from work, but the friendship can go on beyond.  See you again.

  • Welcome to the club!  Now you are an official retiree, I know the feeling when my retirement came.  I am happy to spend more time with you my friend.  We can walk along the beaches again as when we were kids back then.  

  • Retirement is like a much-awaited vacation that never ends.  It means no worries while you are on vacation with your family.  Enjoy every inch of your retirement life.

  • You have been too busy with your work that you forgot yourself sometimes.  It is time for you to do things that you love and enjoy.  Happy retirement, my dear good friend.

  • You have been a good person and a great friend ever since, you deserve a well spent retirement life.  I would like to be part of your life until the end.  All the best in your retirement!

  • Thank you for your good examples and inspirations to us.  Happy retirement!

  • You have been successful in your chosen career. It is now time to be successful in other areas of your life.

  • I know it is hard for you to leave what you have been doing every day for almost twenty years.  But another chapter of your life opens, your retirements is an opportunity to explore more of life.  Congrats my friend.

  • Retirement means new adventures to explore, let me know if you want to travel with me next month.  Let us celebrate another stage of your life.  Be happy always.

  • After twenty years in the service, you are your own boss now and can already do whatever you like at your own time.  Happy retirement!

  • I just heard the good news about your retirement!  You will have more time to take care of your real-estate investments during your retirement.  Your hard work paid off, enjoy it my friend

  • I will miss you my friend, I hope to join you at dinner sometime after my work.  May you have the best in life for the rest of your lives. Happy Retirement! 
What to write in a Retirement Card For a Teacher/ Retirement Card Messages For Teacher/Happy Retirement Wishes for A Teacher/ Sample Retirement Card Wordings For A Teacher

Teachers are special. In all their years of sacrifices, retirement is a momentous event to look forward to. Here is a collection of happy retirement messages that you can use to write in the retirement card for a teacher.

  • I can only wish for a more fruitful life and happiness to my dearest and favorite teacher. Congratulations to your much-awaited retirement.

  •  You had so many years in devoting your life educating and taking care of your students. You did it well Teacher Sarah, that is why you are well-loved by them. Now that you are a fulfilled teacher, you deserved a more fulfilling life with your family. Congratulations!

  • It is time to relax and enjoy the good life. I know you wanted to fulfill other dreams such as traveling and be with your family. You have shaped my life teacher, thank you for all the knowledge and care you have shown me. Happy retirement!

  • It is time to a slower and a more peaceful life away from stress. Best wishes to your retirement.

  • You have inspired your students through the years, most of them already fulfilled their dreams and that includes me. It is because of your untiring love for us and guidance. Thank you so much Teacher Julie, I wish you can have more wonderful years ahead. 

  • Congratulations Ms Angela! Wishing you an exciting life ahead with your retirement.

  • My respect and gratitude will always with you Teacher Kate. I am sad but also happy that you will now have the opportunity to enjoy life. Happy retirement.

  • Relax and enjoy with your retirement plan Teacher Jodi. Maybe we can have lunch sometime, it’s my treat! 

  • You will be missed here in school when your retirement starts on next month. Whatever plans you have for your retirement life, enjoy it to the fullest. I am happy for you Teacher!

  • A wise author says “A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.” The best description I can say to you Teacher. You dedicated your life and gave your best to share yourself to others. Have a more meaningful life with your retirement.

  • I do not want to say farewell teacher because your retirement is a celebration of new things and experiences in life. I will cherish the many years you have been my teacher, my respect and admiration will always be with you. 

  • You have not only taught us about academics, but also many other things in life. I am so grateful that you became my teacher. Congratulations in your retirement.

  • I will miss you teacher, have a wonderful retirement life with your family and friends.

  • I was quite naughty in class and sometimes asked to see the principal. You know teacher, you thought I am not listening to you but all your words were heard and instilled on me. I am very grateful to you teacher, I wish you all the best in your retirement.

  •  Happy retirement teacher! God bless you always.You are an awesome teacher and you deserved a well spent retirement life. God bless you and your family always.

  • Thank you for being my teacher and friend. As you reach this retirement period, it means more coffee time and hanging out. 

  • Thank you teacher for giving me your unwavering guidance and support. You a great mentor, I owe you a lot. You deserved to be happy with your retirement.

  • Because of working hard for so many years, you are unable to fulfill your other passions. Now you are retired, you have more time to do your hobbies like painting, traveling, gardening, and doing charity works to children. I am excited to a life ahead of you teacher. 

  • You have accomplished so much as a teacher, it is time to enjoy your retirement and relax!

  • Life does not end with retirement; it is only a beginning of a new life. Make the most of it.

  • I know how much you waited for the time you can relax and enjoy your life away from stress. Best wishes for your retirement!

  • You are retiring only from your job, retirement means there is a life ahead waiting to be opened. Congrats!

  • You will always have a special place in my heart teacher. Thank you and I wish you all the best with your retirement.

  • Your kindness and eagerness to teach me helped to become a better person. Thank you for being more than a teacher but also like a second mother. I wish you a happy retirement and good life. 
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