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Togetherness is reason enough for celebration. Sharing this private moment with the near and dear ones is doubled with their best wishes and blessings. Give more expression to your feelings with these anniversary wishes that are a reflection of what you really want to say.

Here is a collection of amazing happy anniversary wishes and messages to choose from. Read on to find the perfect happy anniversary message for your loved ones. 

  • Thoughts of blessings and joy packed in eternity for the loveliest companions. Happy Anniversary! 

  • Year after year you both became even more complacent. Radiating more and more joy in each other’s company. Today, on this day, you both decided to walk together. May you always bask in the glory of togetherness, year after year. 

  • This day that brought you two together will turn over the leaf to a new dawn. Yet the trust and commitment placed in your hearts will glow forever. To this day and forever. Happy Anniversary! 

  • The times may have changed yet the commitment stays forever. Years come and go yet the companionship stays forever. Happy Anniversary! 

  • Days, weeks, months, years – some values radiate even more and not fade with time. Happy Timeless Anniversary! 

  • Destiny brought you close. And you both brought each other together. May God bless you always. Wish you very happy anniversary, today and in the years to come. 

  • Long after the party for our anniversary gets over, and everyone goes their way Take a moment to soak in the love and trust I offer you every moment, every day. 

  • Anniversary is sharing the pleasures of yesterday, the possibilities of today and the dreams of tomorrow. Wish you a very happy anniversary. Stay blessed. 

  • Thanks for putting up with me whenever others put me down. You are my rockstar. Happy Anniversary! 

  • They say all matches are made in heaven. I say the choice of staying a good match for each other is made right here on earth. Thanks for choosing to be with me. Happy Anniversary!

  • I know I am awesome but not perfect. But your love makes me feel complete and … perfect. I know I am awesome because I chose the perfect life partner for me. Happy Anniversary to you and me! 

  • Is it our anniversary already? I didn’t realize because time stood still the moment I gazed into your eyes. Happy Anniversary Beautiful! 

  • So pick up the phone, switch on the laptop or pick up the pen and send your warm, heartfelt happy anniversary wishes right away!
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