Romantic Flower Card Messages

Romantic Flower Card Messages/ I Love You Flower Card Messages/ Romantic Flower Card Note/ Romantic Flower Card Wordings/ Sample Romantic Flower Card Messages / Flower Card message Ideas to Send with Romantic Flowers

So you want to send your someone special a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Here is an amazing collection of Sample Romantic Flower Card Messages that you can choose from. So when you splurge on a nice bouquet, make sure you also write a lovely romantic message on the the flower card. 

Read on to find the perfect romantic wordings which can go along with the romantic bouquet of flowers for your someone special. Express your love with beautiful bouquet of flowers with a short and sweet romantic flower card message.
  • Be My Lady Love! 

  • You are my one and only love!

  • For each petal I send you a kiss! 

  • Sending you my love with these Lovely Flowers! 

  • Special flowers to a very special lady! 

  • I am so lucky to have you. Love you! 

  • I love you forever my Love! 

  • You are my happiness! 

  • Flowers are pretty and so are you!

  • Thank you for loving me!

  • You make feel alive again!

  • My love for you blooms each day! 

  • Love is real because of you!
  • True love is manifested in you!

  • You complete me!

  • You+Me = Happiness!

  • Thinking of you today! 

  • Have a lovely day, darling! 

  • I love you with all my heart! 

  • I love you because of who you are! 

  • You set my heart on fire! 
  • I am glad to have met you my love!

  • I am grateful for all the fun memories we share. I love you!

  • You make me feel special! 

  • May this day bring us more love and joy for the rest of our lives! 

  • Even in my sleep I miss you. Love you honey! 

  • I thank God that we found each other. May our love grow stronger! 

  • You’re a blessing, a dream come true. I’m glad you came into my life! 

  • You complete me. You are the world to me. I love you! 

  • Another wonderful year has passed. Happy anniversary darling! 
  • Your smile brightens up the day just as you are smiling now. I love you! 

  • We celebrate our love for love’s sake. That is my reason for living! 

  • You are the air that I breathe, the love of my life! 

  • I’m the luckiest person on earth for ending up with you! 

  • I love your hugs, your kisses and your caring ways. Don’t ever change my love! 

  • My life is beautiful because of you. Stay the way you are! 

  • I’m so much a part of you as you are a part of me. Happy anniversary my dear! 
  • We’ve been through a lot, and survived difficult times. I’m glad our love for each other grows ever stronger! 

  • You are my true love. I’m glad to have found you! 

  • I never knew what love was, until I met you! 

  • If I can turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing. Glad to have met you baby! 

  • You are the living miracle in my life. Thank you for all the love you have given me! 

Reply To Farewell Messages

Reply To Farewell Messages/ How To Reply To Farewell Messages/ Sample Reply Wordings For Farewell Messages/ How to respond to Farewell Messages/ Sample Reply Note For Farewell Messages

When your colleagues or your Boss shower you with heartfelt farewell messages, sending them a thoughtful reply is a must. Show your appreciation to your colleagues or Boss by sending a reply note thanking them for their gesture. Your reply messahe can be short and sweet, something that conveys your true feelings. Here is a collection of sample reply wordings for farewell messages that you can use.

  • I appreciate the note you sent bidding me farewell. I will heed your wise advice. 

  • It’s not the end and we can still keep in touch. Thank you for your message. 

  • I appreciate the gesture. Thank you and see you around. 
  • It was great to hear from you. Thank you for your well-wishes. Keep in touch. 

  • Thank you for  thoughts. Glad to know people still care for me. 

  • You mad me feel I belong. Thank you for your farewell message.
  • Thank you for thinking of me. Your farewell message brought me to tears. 

  • Thank you for the support. I appreciate your farewell message. 

  • I was moved by your farewell message. Thank you.
  • I’m lucky to have friends like you. Let’s keep in touch.

  • I will surely miss you. Thank you for your well wishes. 

  • I wish I didn’t have to go. But I will keep in touch. Thank you for your note. 

  • It was nice to hear from you. I guess this is goodbye for now. 
  • I hate goodbyes but I appreciate you dropping me a note. 

  • I was touched by your message. Hope this isn’t the last time we talk. 

  • Your message was quite moving. I love the feeling of being connected. 

  • It was nice of you to drop me a note. Farewell my friend. 

  • Farewells aren’t goodbyes. I will see you around.
  • It’s nice to receive such wonderful message. Thank you for the well wishes.

  • Thank you so much for the message. I was really pleased. 

  • Thanks for all the support. Farewells hurt but I look forward to saying hello again.

Thank You Messages For Hospital Staff

Thank You Messages For Hospital Staff / Sample Thank You Messages For Hospital Staff/ Thank You Wordings For Hospital Staff/ What to write in a Thank You Card to the Hospital Staff

After the doctor has gone or before the doctor attends to you, the hospital staff are there for your needs. Sometimes they are the unsung heroes of a medical institution. A note of thanks will make them feel appreciated. So go ahead and write a heartfelt thank you message to the hospital staff from our collection of sample thank you messages right away.

  • On behalf of my whole family, I extend their thanks to the 4th floor staff of the _______ hospital for the care you provided to my dad (name) during his confinement. 

  • Your patience, kindness, and understanding you gave to my brother during his hospital stay will never be forgotten. Thank you.

  • Thank you, ER staff, for your prompt response to my urgent call and for medical care you have provided to me as an outpatient. You have saved my life.

  • I wish I could mention you all but I could not remember your names. One word describes your hospital staff – CARING. Because of that, I thank you for helping me recover during my confinement.

  • To the staff of (hospital name), I express my wholehearted appreciation for your care and professional attention you have provided to my dad especially post-operation when he needed close attention the most.

  • Thank you for responding to my emergency call just in time. You are truly incredible and you all deserve a salute from all the patients at your floor.

  • Thank you for your efficient service and professional care you have shown during my son’s emergency treatment.

  • I have never seen a hospital staff as efficient as your team. Thank you so much. I am impressed.

  • We, the residents of (City/ town/ county) extend our gratitude to the hospital staff for selflessly responding to our needs during the calamity. We will always remember you.

  • From the ambulance to the ER, to the ward, your hospital staff gave us excellent medical service. Thank you very much. 

  • I remember coming to your hospital in so much pain. Your staff quickly attended to my needs in their most efficient manner possible. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you very much. Your hospital has the friendliest staff I have ever met. I felt at home during my confinement. 

  • I just want to thank the whole ER staff who was on duty on the night that my uncle was rushed to the hospital. I have seen your wholehearted effort on doing the best you could to revive my uncle. Thank you for doing your best. We are deeply grateful.

  • Thank you for all the care and patience you have shown during my stay even though I know I was not the easiest patient to deal with. You professionalism is of the highest level.

  • Your compassion and medical attention is commendable. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you for caring for our grandma during times when we were not around. You are one of the reasons why she made it home well.

  • The kindness and care we received during the confinement of my husband will never be forgotten. 

  • A big THANK YOU to the hospital staff of (hospital name). We will always remember your kindness and efficient attention during my confinement.

  • Because of your professionalism and warm caring atmosphere, I never felt more secure staying in a hospital to recuperate. Thank you.

  • I have been through different ERs and it was only in your hospital that I received the best treatment yet. Thank you.

  • Thank you for the excellent medical service. Your staff is simply the best.

  • A special thanks to the neonatal staff. You have been my child’s guiding angel during her critical period. My daughter and I are forever grateful.

Thank You Messages For Blood Donation

Thank You Messages for Donating Blood/ Thank you Messages For Blood Donation/ Thank You Wordings for Blood Donation/ Blood Donation Thank You Note/Blood Donation Apprecation Wordings/Sample Thank You Note To Blood Donors

Doctors and surgeons rely on blood donations to carry out life-saving and life-enhancing treatments every day. Blood donation is the act of giving life and sending thank you message to Blood donors is a must. 

Here is an amazing collection of sample messages which can be sent to blood donors to show them your deepest appreciation for their noble donation. Read on to find the perfect appreciation message for blood donors right here. 

  • Because of your generosity, lives will be saved. Thank you for your blood donation. 

  • In behalf of the Red Cross ________ chapter, we are sincerely thankful for your blood donation. 

  • Although you do not know me, I would like to say thanks from to you the bottom of my heart. Your blood donation saved my life. 

  • As we celebrate Blood Donation Day, we would also thank each and every blood donor. Your donations made a big difference in the lives of many patients. 

  • Thank you for hosting the blood donation event last week in your college premises. We are truly thankful for helping us save lives. 

  • Thank you for participating in the recent blood donation drive. Your contribution will definitely contribute to the wellbeing of patients. 

  • I am deeply thankful for your blood donation of which I was the recipient. If not for your generosity, I would not have been alive today. 

  • With your blood donation, you have done a great service to the nation. Thank you for participating. 

  • We thank you for your continued cooperation in connection with the blood donation drive. We hope to see you again next year. 

  • No words can express how thankful I am for the blood donation I received from your group. My daughter survived the medical procedure because of your help. 

  • Last week, I received a new lease in life. Thank you for your blood donation.
  • In the wake of the recent calamity, we have seen a great force of goodness and generosity from our citizens. Thank you for your blood donations. Many lives were saved.

  • As blood donations are needed on a daily basis, we are truly thankful for your regular blood donations. We highly appreciate your initiative to come to the Red Cross center. 

  • We are deeply touched by the overwhelming response from blood donors. Thank you for your generosity and compassion for the victims of the recent tragedy.

  • To all our blood donors, we thank you for your support in our medical mission through your blood donations.

  • Thanks to all who responded to the call for blood donation last week. I am deeply touched by your quick response. 

  • Thank you for your blood donations. Without your help my wife would not have made it. She is now well and back to her normal activities.

  • I was one of the recipients of the blood donation and I am forever grateful to all of you who went out of your way to donate blood. 

  • Thank you for partnering with us in our blood donation drive. Because of your help we were able to meet our goal for the needed amount for the blood bank.

  • Thank you for your blood donation. Your contribution will help sustain the stock to keep up with the continuous demand for blood by our patients.

  • I am deeply touched and humbled by the show of support and compassion you gave through your blood donations. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your blood donation. Your blood has now been used to save the life of a dengue patient.

Farewell card Wordings for Colleague

What to write in a Farewell card to a Colleague / Sample Messges to write in a Farewell card to Colleague/ Farewell Card Wordings for a Co- worker/ Farewell Wishes for Colleague/ Farewell Card Messages and Wishes for Colleague/ Farewell Card Messages For Colleague

Co-workers or colleagues in the workplace are part of our daily life and some of them become friends for life. When one leaves, give a send-off message whether it is funny, inspirational, heartbreaking, or any simple thought that describes your feeling. Here is an amazing list of Farewell card wordings for colleague or coworker. 

  • It has been a great working with you. Wishing you success on your new endeavor. 

  • Thank you for all the support on the team. You will be missed. 

  • Wishing you a lot of success on the new challenge you will be facing. 

  • It is not easy to find a dedicated team mate. So hard to see you go. 

  • For such a fine colleague, I hate to see you go. I wish you a lot of success! 

  • Your dedication to our team is priceless, I wish you all the best! 

  • Appreciate at the good things you contributed to the team. A lot of success on the challenges ahead. 

  • Seeing a nice team mate go breaks my heart. You will be missed. 

  • I will not only miss a colleague but a good friend as well. It hurts to see you go. 

  • All things for a reason. From all of us here, we wish you success on your new venture business.

  • I miss eating with you during lunch breaks, you will be missed.

  • I heard that you are migrating to another country with your family this coming month. I know that you have been waiting for this opportunity and although I am sad, I wish you happiness for your chosen path.

  • I am happy that you are moving on for good. I hope we can see each other again in the future. Please give me a ring when you are in town. Farewell to you my best buddy!

  • I have found a true friend in you, we have shared the struggles in work and you never let me down. You are a big loss to me and to the whole team. Farewell my friend.

  • Bon voyage Sarah! Good luck and have a safe trip.

  • Good luck to your new journey in life as you decided to leave this company this month. I will miss your contagious cheerful presence in the office. Best wishes!

  • The memories we shared in this company will always be remembered. After working with you for ten years, I can only say I am proud to be your colleague. God bless you my friend.

  • Your resignation will not stop the friendship that we built for so many years of working together. You will always remain a friend to me.

  • You are one of the most reliable partner in work, I will miss you dude!
  • I will only see an empty seat in your cubicle starting Monday, but for many years you have filled good memories while working with me. Thank you and congratulations to your new chosen career path.  

  • Your vast experience and wisdom will never be forgotten. You unselfishly shared what you can give, thank you and wish you the best in life.

  • You are a terrific colleague! You will be missed Kirsten.

  • Farewell to the cutest and funny guy in the office. We will miss your jokes, seriously we will miss a great person and friend. Farewell Charlie.

  • To a colleague who inspired me most, best of everything in your new job in another town. Take care always.

  • I will miss the coffee breaktime mate! I hope to have a cup of coffee again in your house. Congratulations to your new job.


What to write in a Farewell Card to Boss

What to write in a Farewell Card to Boss/ Farewell Card Messages to Boss/ Farewell Card Wordings for Boss/ Farewell Wishes for Boss/ Farewell Card Messages and Wishes For Boss

Saying farewell is one of the heaviest words we know especially when it is time to say goodbye to someone you really admire. So if it is time for your Boss to bid farewell here is a list of heartfelt and thoughtful farewell wordings. 

Go ahead and choose the perfect wordings on what to write in a farewell card to a Boss. 

  • I felt sad when I heard that you are leaving the country for good going to Italy. I have been working with you for almost five years and I am proud and honored that I have worked with you. 

  • There is nothing permanent in this life. People do come and go. I am so grateful, boss that I have been in your team for four years. You will be missed, boss!

  • Farewell to a good boss! I understand how your family needs you and that you finally decided to leave your job. Please do visit us again here at the branch, your home for six years. I wish good health to you and your family.

  • I hope the best of luck boss. You will have a new workplace and meet new people, but I hope you will cherish the people you will leave behind and the friendship that we built. Good luck!

  • I wish you the best in career and life, I am happy for you that you will be able to pursue your long-time dream of becoming a theatre actor. It may be different from what you are doing in corporate world, but for sure you will do better at your new chosen career. Farewell for now, boss!

  • Boss, you are a true leader and I salute you for that. I hope I can be as good as you. I am sad that we will not be working again. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.
  • From the bottom of my heart, farewell Sir Jack.

  • I am not used to having a new boss. I hope that your replacement will be equally good and kind as you. Farewell, boss.

  • My captain of the ship will leave soon, but I will never forget the turbulent waves we conquer during our ten years of sailing. Bon voyage boss.

  • Your positive influence on me will not be forgotten, I will miss you, boss!

  • You taught me to be the best in work, guided me along the way, and you have treated me like a friend. I will never forget that, boss, I really wish you the best for your career, health, and family. 

  • Simply, Thank you Boss for everything! 

  • Good luck and best wishes boss! For me, you are the world’s best boss ever.

  • It is hard to say goodbye to a person who became a part of your everyday life. Thank you for everything you have taught me boss. Farewell and God bless.
  • All the best, boss, enjoy your tour in Spain. Have a nice trip.

  • Thank you, boss for all the support you showed me, by motivating me well and believing in me. I hate to see you go, farewell boss.

  • Working with such wonderful boss like you is a privilege, thank you, boss.

  • Time to say goodbye to one of the most respectable boss in the office. Farewell, Ms. Tyler.

  • There may be another boss who will replace you, but no one can fill the shoes of a good leader like you. Thank you, boss.

  • It was a pleasure working with you, Sir Charles. The team will surely miss you!

  • Thank you for seeing my talent and for believing in me. Thank you, boss, I hope you can drop by sometime to catch up with us.
  • Best wishes big boss! 

  • This is one of the hardest messages I have written. Saying goodbye is not that easy especially for a boss like you. Farewell, boss.

  • Thank you for bringing out the best in me, boss. I am saddened by the news that you are leaving the company. I wish you the best Sir lance.

  • Your positive spirit is contagious to your people. I enjoyed working with you. I will miss your presence and leadership, boss. Best wishes.


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes/Belated Happy Birthday Greetings/ Belated wishes for Birthday

A birthday celebration for each person is a special day to give thanks for another year of life. Among our family and friends, we usually extend our greetings to show our love and care for them. But what if you failed to greet on time, what words can you say to the celebrant? Here are some messages you can use for your belated birthday greetings:

  • Belated happy birthday my friend, I am sorry this message is late, but it comes with full of love and wishes for you. 

  • I saw the upcoming birthday date last week, but I was too busy on your exact birthday I and I missed sending you my greetings. I am sure it was a blast, I will make up to you. How about a movie and dinner this weekend? Let me know if you are available. Happy Birthday to my lovely cousin! 

  • Belated happy birthday Teacher! I just came from travel abroad; I hope this gift and note will brighten your day. 

  • Forgetting your birthday does not mean I do not care. It is just that I am overwhelmed with things lately. Hopefully, we can still celebrate your birthday. How about a dinner for two on Saturday? It’s my treat! 

  • My birthday greeting is quite late. I wish I can re-create another birthday party for you and put myself sitting beside you. Hope you had fun in your celebration. Happy Birthday brother! 

  • Belated Happy Birthday to one of the nicest person in the office. Too bad I am on a holiday leave when you throw a pizza party. Happy Birthday! 

  • Because you are special, your birthday is celebrated the whole month of September. It means my greetings is not yet late, is in it? We can still celebrate next week when I get back from my European vacation. Happy Birthday my dearest friend! 

  • Sorry, sorry, sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry….I am sorry I totally forgot your birthday. I know there is no excuse for it, belated Happy Birthday honey! 

  • Sorry for missing your much awaited birthday party event, Charlize told me that you had a great party last night. Hope you had the best birthday celebration ever. 

  • My birthday greetings came shortly, but for sure my thoughts are always with you. Happy Birthday baby! 

  • Accept my hugs and kisses for my late birthday greetings. You know how special you are to me. Happy Birthday! 

  • Wishing you the best of life and good health always! Belated happy birthday uncle. 

  • I heard your birthday party was fabulous! You deserved on because you are such a fabulous pretty girl in town! Happy birthday! 

  • Belated happy birthday to my dearest daughter, your Dad is having memory gaps already. Well, the work has been too tight lately, forgive me sweetie. You know being away from all of you makes me lost in time because of work. I love you baby. 

  • I have always been punctual with my schedules and work, but I do not know how I missed your birthday. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead, belated happy birthday friend! 

  • I may forgotten your birthday, but I swear you are special to me. Happy Birthday to the most talented person in the group.  

Christmas Thank You Messages

Christmas Thank You Messages
Sample Thank You Messages For Christmas