Valentines Day Gift Card Messages

 Valentines Day Gift Card Messages/ Gift Card Message For Valentines Day/ Gift Card Wordings For Valentines Day/ Valentines Day Gift Card Note/Valentines Day Gift Card Wordings

Valentines gift card is like icing on the cake. It can be short and sweet, but most of all it should be sincere. Here is a amazing collection of  gift card message samples that you can use on a Valentine’s Day gift card. 
  • For my one and only. Happy Valentines! 

  • To my one true love! Happy Valentines Day! 

  • For my sweet baby. I love you my Valentino! 

  • You are as sweet as these box of sweets! Love you Sweety! 

  • Don’t open until you kiss me. Happy Valentines dear! I Love You!

  • To the woman who changed my life, Happy Valentine’s!

  • Happy Valentines my pumpkin pie!

  • To the sweetest boy I know. Happy Valentines! 

  • With all my heart, this is for you. Happy Valentines! 

  • To the most incredible Mom in the world. Love you mom!

  • Dad, I hope you’d like it. Love you.
  • For my bestie, I hope you likey.

  • I travelled far and wide for my Valentine to get this special Valentine surprise! Love you dear! 

    • From the bottom of my heart, this is just for you.

    • Open only after hugging me. Happy Valentines! 

    • If you love me, you will open this immediately. Love you baby.

    • To the light of my life. I hope you enjoy this. 

    • You are my everything. I love you babe. Happy Valentines day! 

    • To the apple of my eye. Love you dear.Happy Valentines! 

    • For you, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
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    Thank You messages for Valentine Surprise

     Thank You messages for Valentine Surprise/ Thank You Note For Valentine Surprise/ Thank you wordings for Valetnine Surprise/Valentine Surprise Thanks 

    When you get a sweet Valentine surprise on the Valentines day, you must express your love and gratitude to your partner with a loving and thoughtful thank you message. To help you write the right words here is a collection of sample wordings on thank you messages for Valentine surprise. 
    • Your romantic surprises makes my day and brightens my night! Thanks a lot for such a thoughtful valentine surprise this year! I love you! 

    • I will cherish this valentine surprise forever! Thanks for loving me passionately!

    • Thanks dear for your thoughtfulness! The super Valentine surprise shows how much you love and care for me! You are a perfect valentine...

    • Thank you my love for the special gift on special day! Your surprise makes me feel you always!

    • Thanks a ton honey for the loving valentine surprise…This would be my best gift ever..

    • You surprised me this valentines day indeed. I am really proud of you and the stunning surprises you plan. Thanks a lot dear! 

    • This valentine surprise makes my day worthwhile. Thanks sweety! May our love never ends!

    • Thanks for the lovely surprise darling! Happy valentine day! You are as sweet and kind as the surprise dear..

    • I must say your valentine surprise is quite interesting! Thanks a ton..

    • Your surprise brings joy to my heart! Thanks sweetie for making me so happy and cheerful!

    • Believe me, your surprise was a real treat! I am still loving it! Happy valentine day dear!

    • Thanks for the sweet valentine surprise sweetheart! It was much more then my expectations!

    • Words can not explain my feelings! Thanks for the valentine surprise Honey!

    • Thank you darling, your surprise makes me smile and cry! It shows how deeply you love me sweetheart! I love you! 

    • Receiving a lovely surprise from a lovely valentine is a blessing! Thanks sweetie! You are the best!

    • I love surprises and this one is just super! You make my day super..duper special ! Thanks dear!

    • Thanks for the perfect valentine surprise! I love you dear..You make my beautiful dream comes true!

    • You made my special day memorable. Thanks for the surprise sweetie! You are everything to me my love..

    • Truly grateful for the amazing valentine surprise! Thanks Honey! I feel my love is nothing without you..

    • Thanks for the beautiful valentine surprise! I absolutely love it! You are an amazing partner. Love you desperately!

    • Thankful to you for the magnificent valentine surprise! You know very well how to make me smile!

    • Thanks for sweetening my day with an amazing valentine surprise. I need you always as I love you dear!

    • You blew me away darling with your sweet surprise! Your gift touches my heart..I love you darling!

    • Your valentine surprise makes me love you even more! May our love be eternal.. Thanks sweetheart!

    • I just want to Thank you for the ultimate valentine surprise! Your love and care make me feel special!

    Valentines Flowers Thank You Messages

     Thank You Messages For Valentines Day Flowers / Sample Thank You Messages For Valentines Day Flowers/ Thank you Note For Valentines Day Flowers/ Thank You Wordings for Valentine Day Flowers

    “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” T’is the month of love. Don’t hold back your love for each other. Simply say what’s in your heart.

    And when you receive flowers on Valentines Day, bask in the love of your mate, go ahead and express your thanks to your companion with these smaple thank you messages for valentines day and  show how much you love and care. Read on to find the perfect sample thank you note for valentines day flowers. 

    For thank you wordings for valentine gifts do check our collection on thank you messages for valentines gifts. 
    • Thank you baby. The flowers are as beautiful as our love for each other.

    • Darling thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet. And it’s heartwarming to see you made it yourself. I love it.

    • I wish you could be here to present the bouquet. I have kept the bouquet in my favorite vase. A fragrant reminder of you on my mantelpiece. 

    • Thank you so much for the flowers. But you are even more beautiful than the flowers.

    • Handpicked roses from our garden are just what I wanted. Your loving gesture even after so many years makes me think how lucky I am to find you. 

    • How sweet of you to send me the same flowers you sent me when we first dated! And I still think the same about you – my romantic yet tough guy.

    • Such lovely flowers! Thank you so much. Will our love also stay this beautiful forever? I love you! 

    • Thank you for being the rose amongst flowers in my life.

    • No flower can ever match the beauty of your love. Thank you for being in my heart and for spreading the exquisite beauty of these tulips in my home. 

    • You brought love, smiles and harmony in my life. Just like the flowers you sent me. There can be nobody like you.

    • Thank you for making me feel like a teenager once again. Makes me fall in love with you all over again.

    • Thanks for the flowers. And thank you for being a diehard romantic despite my boring personality.

    • Thank you for the roses. Thank you for taking the thorns out of my life and making me believe in love once again.

    • Thank you so much for the huge bunch of flowers. I am never going to complain that you work too much now. Never again!

    • Thank you for being so amazing. Just like the flowers you have tended our relationship with the sunshine of love and care. I love you so much. Thank you for being you.

    • I can’t think of any fancy words to tell you the same, old, boring, plain thing I’ve been telling you for ages – I love you.

    • Your flowers remind me of the sweetest person in the world who is mine. Love you.

    • Will you stop wooing me now? I am your wife for two years! But I love to receive flowers every Valentine. Thank you so much.

    • Perfect and lovely. That’s what these flowers are and that’s how you make me feel.

    • You are the most special person in my life. Thank you.

    • Thank you for making each moment a special one. Thank you for not just the flowers but for everything.

    • A flower for every year! That was just so romantic baby. I love you.

    • It’s a dream Valentine’s Day for me. Thank you so much for making it such a special day. I love the flowers you sent me. 

    • Thank you for bringing back flowers, chocolates and giggles in my life. I love you sweetheart! 

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    Flirty Valentine Messages For Her

     Flirty Valentine's Day Messages For Her/ Sample Flirty Valentine's Day Messages For Girlfriend/ Flirty Valentines Day Messages/ Flirty Messages For Valentines Day

    Searching for nice flirty message for your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day? Well you have reached the right spot. 

    Here is an excellent collections of flirty valentine messages for her which you you can text or email right away! Read on to find the best of the best flirty valentine's day message right here.

    • On this Valentine’s Day, you are my melody because you bring music to my heart. But can I have your hands tonight to dance along with my heart? Happy Valentine’s sweetie girl!

    • I don’t want a huge teddy bear to hug this Valentine’s Day; all I want is YOU. See you tonight my dear!

    • They say roses are perfect gift to express love especially this Valentine’s Day and yes I will give you a bunch, but of course not without my kisses and love. I love you baby! 

    • Love is the ultimate gift here on Earth and I think I have received mine through YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day to the girl with the loveliest face ever. 

    • Valentine’s Day is a special day for hearts that are totally in-love. Well for me, it is the most perfect day to show love to each other. Aside from fresh red roses and huggable bears, want to give you my body tonight. Happy Valentine’ Day on fire! 

    • Beautiful lady like you deserves a romantic wish this Valentine’s Day. I want you wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and may we enjoy this hearty day together, just the two of us. 

    • Of all the yearly occasions here on Earth, Valentine’s Day is my most favorite mainly because I can show you how much I love you. Can I pick you up tonight at 7pm? We’re heading to a place where hearts are flowing in the air! 
      • When I look into your eyes, I feel love. It’s just you making me love you more each day. 

      • I never see you so sexy and hot. I bought these sexy stuffs for you. Surprise me later tonight. Let’s spend the whole night of Feb.14 together. 

      • Happy Valentine's day to you my dear! Looking forward to be with you tonight! Get set for a special valentine surprise sweetheart! 

      • Hope you found the perfect flirty valentine messages for your girlfreind from this list of top ten flirty messages for girlfriend.

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      Valentine Romantic Date Thanks

       Valentine Romantic Date Thank You Message/ Thank You Messages For Valentine Romantic Date/ Thank You Wordings For Valentine Romantic Date/ Valentine Romantic Date Thank You Messages

      Thanks for the amazing date on valentine! I really had an excellent time with you. 

      Today you are not around me…but you make me smile when I think of yesterdays lovely Valentine date with you! Thanks darling ….

      • I wish to tell you that you touched my soul and my heart on this valentine date..Thank you for the romantic date. 

      • Thanks for being with me on this valentine and spending your valuable time…I just loved the date and the romance..

      • Thanks sweetie for lovely valentine date! I realized this valentine that you are the sweetest thing happened to me …

      • I wish you to be your last date darling..Thanks for accompany me for a wonderful valentine date!

      • Thank you for giving me the best memories on our romantic date! Date was truly magical! Thanks my valentine..

      • This was all I wish to do with you forever my sweetheart.. I had a really good time with you. Thanks for such a great Valentine date!

      • Though anywhere with you is a great place for me but this was a perfect one dear. Thanks for a romantic valentine date!

      • A date with a charming gentleman like you is just awesome! I just enjoyed every moment! Thanks for this romantic date…

      • Let me just say that this was the best date ever! We had a great time together and had great memories too! Thanks a lot!!

      • You are just the best dear! You show me this valentine that what real love means! I feel lucky to be with you!

      • I love you sweetie..The kindness and love you bestow on me on valentine date make me wish to spend my rest of life with you! 

      • I was not aware that you are damn romantic… This was a surprise darling. Thankful to you for a great romantic valentine date!

      • I had a great time tonight! You are an amazing boyfriend. I cannot explain in words how thankful I am for the lovely valentine date!

      • I truly appreciate your love and care for me dear! I wish to tell you how much you mean to me. Thanks for everything you do on valentine date!

      • Your attention and concern on the valentine date make my heart dance darling! I am feeling blessed to be your girlfriend!

      • Thanks for the magical date sweetheart! You are awesome!!

      • You know exactly how to fill happiness in my life! I will be very happy to spend many more Valentine date with you! Thanks darling!

      • You plan a super romantic valentine date sweetie! That was a real hit! Thanks for the awesome company!

      • Dating you was the best decision ever. I feel proud on me and Thankful to you!

      • Thank you for making my Valentine special! I was great seeing you!! Thanks a lot!

      • Thanks for smiling along with me this Valentine! I love it and you darling from my heart.

      • Nobody has ever given me the love, you gave me. I admire you and your company! Thanks sweetheart!

      • I do not know what exactly love and valentine is before I met you. Thanks to you for wonderful date!

      Valentine Chocolates Thanks

       Valentine Chocolates Thank you Messages/Thank You Messages For Valentine Days Chocolates/ Thank You Wordings for Valentines Chocolates/ Valentine Chocolates Thank You 

      Valentines is such a wonderful occasion where you receive gifts from your admirers, friends and relatives. Of course, a thank you is a must especially for the chocolates accompanied with the lovely gift. While you’re sugar loaded from all the sweets and chocolates  you’ve received, it would be really sweet to send sweet thank you messages too. 

      Here is an amazing collection of thank you messaegs for chocolates  that you can use to thank those sweet people who made your Valentines day really sweet!

      • I really enjoyed those Mon Chéri chocolates you sent me for Valentines. Thank you so much! 

      • You’re such a sweet darling, thank you for all those chocolates you gave me for Valentines.

      • You know how to make a girl really happy. Thanks for all those chocolates I got for Valentines. 

      • You didn’t have to fill my car with all those chocolates. I’m not complaining though. Thank you for such a sweet Valentine gift!

      • Mom thought you sent me the whole chocolate section of the grocery. Thanks for being such a sweet Valentine.

      • You know chocolates are my favorite. Thank you so much for this Valentine’s gift. 

      • Roses are red, violets are blue, thanks for all the chocolates, you’re my Valentine too. 

      • Thanks for all the raw chocolates you gave me for Valentines. You know it’s time to bake that super moist chocolate cake. Come over if you please.

      • Sweet dreams are made of chocolates. Thanks for all those sweet bars you gave me for Valentines. Now I’m in dream land.

      • Chocolate equals love. Thanks for the box of chocolates you gave me for Valentines!

      • I love it when I get chocolates for Valentines. Thank you so much mom!

      • Ok, that much chocolate you gave spells diabetes. Not complaining though. Thanks for the wonderful Valentine’s gift. 

      • Chocolates are the best, especially coming from you dear. Thanks for the Valentine’s gift. 

      • Dad, thank you for the chocolates you gave me for Valentine’s day. I love it!

      • Love is like a box of chocolates. You get to eat them all. Thanks for the delectable Valentine’s gift. 

      • Thank you dear for all those heart shaped chocolates you gave me for Valentines. I love you.

      • Valentine’s Day is special, especially when you cap it of with a box of sweet chocolates. Thank you darling!

      • I don’t call you sweetheart for nothing. Thanks for all the chocolates you gave on Valentine’s Day.

      • Is there anyone else as sweet as you? Thank you for all the chocolates I got on Valentine’s Day.

      • Chocolates everywhere in my room. The one you gave me stands out from all the rest. Thanks for the sweet Valentine’s gift!

      • My doctor said chocolates are bad for me. I stopped seeing that doctor. Thanks for the chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 

      • I love chocolates. Chocolate is love. I wish it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. Thanks for the lovely chocolates sweetheart!

      Invitation Wordings For Valentines Day Party

       Sample Invitation Wordings For Valentines Day Party/Valentines Day Party Invitation Wordings/Invitation Wordings For Valentines Day Party/ Valentine’s Day Party Invitation Wordings

      Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world with parties, late nights, and all the other quirky ways just to celebrate the day of hearts. Whether single or committed to someone special, Valentines Day is an excellent excuse to have a party. 

      So if you are planning to host a Valentines Day Party here are some sample invitation wordings to choose from. Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings For Valentines Day party. 

      If you are hosting a special Valentine dinner do check out collection on invitation wordings for valentines romantic dinner

      • Love is in the air and you are invited to a Valentine’s Day party for couples on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 8 o’clock in the evening at the Palm Springs Clubhouse poolside. Our musicians will serenade you with a night of romantic music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Attire: Cocktail Formal

      • Who says you need to have a date on Valentine’s Day? Come, join us at the Valentine’s potluck barbecue party for singles from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.  at the Hobby Ranch. 696 Wilford Drive, Dallas Texas. ‘Tis another reason to mingle with singles. Attire: party casual

      • Please be our guest at the Senior High Valentine’s dance party. Come with a partner and enjoy a night of fun, food, and music on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. at the gazebo area of South Central Park. Lindon Avenue, Fresno Avenue, Shafter California. Attire: party casual

      • Let’s celebrate the most romantic day of the year by going on a Valentine’s Day road trip going to the Highland Lakes. Bus transportation will be provided. Bring food and booze. Please contact Lucy Jones at 436 8796 for coordination of pick up points. 
      • Eat your heart out this Valentine’s Day. You are invited to a Valentines’ Buffet Party for foodies and culinary enthusiasts. Come as you are but bring one romantic dish you wish to share to the culinary folks. No date required. This is just an excuse to enjoy what we love the most – Food! Head over to the Anaheim Hills Golf Course Clubhouse, Anaheim Hills, CA on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

      • There’s a girls-only party at the Canyon Spa on Valentine’s Day and you’re invited! Let’s relax as we celebrate the day to love and pamper ourselves. I hope you can attend this private party on the day of hearts from 4 p.m – 6 p.m. Buffet dinner will follow after the sauna, massage, and hot pool baths. 

      • You are cordially invited to a Masquerade Valentine’s Day Party on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 8 to 11 o’ clock in the evening at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas Ballroom. Please come in Venetian 16th century-inspired costume and a mask. 

      • Grab your sweetheart as we celebrate the sweetest Valentine’s Day ever. We skipped the main course and will proceed to the dessert of chocolates, cakes, and wines. We invite you to come to our Valentine’s dessert party at 8 o’clock p.m. at The Patio Brandview at 111 East Harvard Street, Glendale, CA. 
      • Are you free this Valentine’s Day? Good! Let’s get together and have a movie marathon over pizza, beer, chips, and whatever food craving comes to mind.  Please head over to my apartment at 25H Barclay Tower, 10 Barclay Street, New York City on Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. onwards. See you there! 

      • They say love is forever, but when does it start? It starts this Saturday, 8pm at the Grand Ball Room of Hyatt Regency Louisville

      • 311 South 4th Street, Louisville. You and a guest are invited to join our Runners' Annual Valentines party and enjoy a night of dinner and dancing. Attire: Semi formal (No running shoes please).

      • Cupid will be doing a Legolas tonight and fly them arrows at blinding speed! You are invited to come to Drag Racers' Speed Dating Valentines party starting at 6pm, Friday, February 20, 2015 at the main hall of Pit Stop Race Circuit, Hammer Ave, New Jersey. Dinner and cocktails will be served and enjoy live music by our guest band. Come in smart casual attire.

      • I-Matchup Dating portal invites all single members to come and party with us on our Valentines I-Matchup special night on Friday, February 13, 2015 at the Club Ratt in San Francisco, Deville Ave. Party starts 8pm onwards. Be at your best dating outfit!

      • Night Owls Bowling Team will be celebrating the eve of Valentine's this coming Friday, February 13, 2015 after our championship match with the Nocturnal Cats team. No matter the outcome, we will celebrate hearts day. Be at the Timescape Bar and Restaurant at Dale Boulevard, South Hampton, by midnight. Open bar.

      • You're never too old to dance! Wishek Living Center invites all our residents to the Seniors Valentine's Ball on Saturday, February 14, 2008 at the Wishek Main Villa. Dancing starts 6:00pm. Cocktails will be served. Come as you are!

      • Chili-Pepper Lover Society will be having a Really Hot Valentine's party this Saturday, February 14, at our president's residence, 17-C, Tower 4, Elvesville Condo Towers, Metcalf Plaza. Potluck. Bring your hottest dishes and be in your hottest attire. Party starts at 7pm.

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