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Do you hate being cheesy on Valentine’s Day? Tired of the too much romantic love messages? Bored of the mushy messages? Add a touch of humor to romance and spice up your love life with these witty, funny and silly Valentine’s Day messages. 

Send a message that’s fun and unique. The love of your life will not forget you (well, at least for the moment). Make your Valentine’s Day message stand out from the rest by sending something funny or witty. You know your mate well enough to know which greeting is cool enough. 

Here is a amazing collection of funny Valentine’s Day messages to choose from. Read on to find the perfect funny valentines day messages for him and for her right here.

  • You know what? I love you so much but I love the earth, too. So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re skipping cut roses and diamonds. Let us not add to the traffic pollution, too. Let’s just stay home. I hope I am enough for you. Hello… are you still there? Hello…

  • Cheers! It’s Valentine’s Day!  Who cares about dates? I’m just celebrating the overflow of chocolates! 

  • I don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to say how much I love you. And don’t worry, I will not subject you to the torture of heavy traffic and long queues. What’s so romantic about that anyway?

  • After setting all the standards and rules when finding the love of our life, funny how we end up with the exception. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

  • Happy Valentine’s Day! By the way, the rest of the social media world have also seen this greeting before you did. I hope you don’t mind. 

  • Valentine’s Day for singles means I get to eat all the chocolate without any worries on who should see me in my lingerie should I gain a few pounds the next day! 

  • Love is just like fart. You cannot hide it for too long. When you express it discretely, everyone else will know even if you don’t admit it. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

    • Just so you know, I love you more than the football! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

    • Cupid was kind a sneaky when he aimed that friggin’ arrow. I was caught unaware and now I am stuck with you. I couldn’t be happier and I would not want it any other way. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

    • Happy __th Valentine’s Day! I still love you just the same. Why do we have to keep on being reminded of this anyway? As far as we’re concerned, you are my one and only love. That’s all that matters. 

    • There’s no prince charming, no knight in shining armor, perhaps if you kiss a thousand frogs one may turn into a prince if you still believe in fairy tales. Now here’s a big box of chocolates, get dressed and we’re going out for a romantic dinner. That’s more feasible. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

    • Being alone on Valentine’s Day is just like being alone on any other day. Why make a big deal out of it? Care for some drinks and pizza? I’m coming over I can’t stand the thumping noise upstairs.

    •  If love is a crime, you are guilty of stealing my heart! You are under arrest. Put your hands behind your back and I will handcuff you and tie you up. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

    • They say cupid was a poor shot. I guess he just keeps on hitting me dead center. I'll see you this Valentines night.

    • Wise men say, only fools rush in. Me no wise man. Me rush for your love. We Valentine's dinner this Saturday.

    • Plato said Love is a grave mental disease. Could you be my Psychologist? Be my Valentine dearest.

    • If love is a disease, then chocolates and gifts are the medicine. Get the hint?

    • There’s a reason why boyfriends think that Valentine’s Day should be renamed Hypertension Day. So please tell me what gift to give you well in advance.

    •  If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day on earth? Space orbiting anyone?

    • If I give you a rose for every year we’ve been together, do you have any idea how many thorns there would be as well?

    • Valentine’s Day – The day when all girlfriends become extortionists or underworld dons.

    • I love to be in love but a little chocolate is also welcome.

    • My dear you are my perfect man. You are handsome, rich and totally stupid. Love you for being stupid enough to be madly in love with me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • If only Cupid could come down to earth and shoot gifts instead of arrows.

    • Stupid Cupid indeed. Look what a mess you have made with gifts not wanted, gifts not given, gifts undecided and gifts that must never ever be given

    • Let’s make this Valentine’s Day extra special. I’ll tie you up and get to watch TV the whole day.

    • This Valentine’s Day let’s do something different. Why don’t you go to your Mom’s place on February 14th?

    • If love is blind what is the point of giving expensive gifts?

    • How can you love wisely? Let go off your purse strings dear.

    • To love someone is to be foolish enough to keep giving gifts and never ask for anything in return.

    • February 14th – The day when all women become sweet and all men pay the price for it.

      • Does Valentine’s Day mean that I don’t need to gift you anything on the rest of the 364 days?

      • My perfect Valentine is one who would keep his cash/credit card in my hand and forget about it. Will you be my perfect Valentine?

      • Love makes me feel young again. Valentine’s Day ensures I get enough anti-ageing creams to last for the year.

      • When we fell in love, you didn’t mention my purse would fall in your hands too.

      • Valentine’s Day – Ultimate test of your relationship and his patience.

      • Am I not the best gift for you? And the only as well.

      • Look how far Adam and Eve got with an apple. Why do you want diamond rings and perfumes?

      • Why do I have to prove my love every Valentine’s? 

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