Flirty Valentine Messages For Him

 Flirty Valentine's Day Messages For Him/ Sample Flirty Valentine's Day Messages For Boyfriend/ Flirty Valentines Day Messages/Flirty Messages For Valentines Day

Sending a flirty Valentine’s Day message to your boyfriend or husband can be fun. Take inspiration from our collection of  flirty valentine messages for him which you can send through SMS/text, email  or simply write on the valentine gift card. Read on to find the pefect flirty valentines day message for him right here.

  • Hello, Handsome! I can’t wait to see you tonight. 

    • Good morning, love! Happy Valentine’s Day. 

      • Hi! What are you up to tonight? I have a surprise for you.

        • I’m wearing the red lace lingerie you bought for me. Wanna see it tonight? Happy Valentine’s Day! 

          • I can’t get you off my mind. This will be a special day for us. See you this Valentine’s night.

            • Hi, can we sneak for a while and have some coffee? I baked a Valentine’s your favorite chocolate cake as moist as me. 

              • I’m trying out a new bikini swimsuit. I need your second opinion. Please come with me.

                • Thinking of you still makes me blush. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.
                  • Waiting for you at our favorite cottage. See you tonight. 

                    • Tonight, you are in charge. Your wish is my command. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.

                      • I sent the kids to mom’s place tonight. Please come home early for a lovely and exciting  night ahead! 

                        • What’s your Valentine’s wish? I will make it come true tonight.

                          • I think you committed a crime. You just stole my heart! 

                            • You keep trespassing in my dreams and in my mind all day. Alright then. Come in now.

                              • Heya! What are you doing this Valentine’s night? I need help finishing up this pizza. Can you come over?

                                • Hello, there, my handsome Valentine. I can’t wait to do it again tonight. This time I take charge, OK?

                                  • Should I wear a short skirt on our Valentine’s date or a very low top? Take your pick.

                                    • I can’t concentrate today! You are always on my mind.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

                                      • Are you a drug? Coz I’m already addicted to you! 

                                        • Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s a virtual kiss for now. The real one will come later. 

                                          • Without you, Valentine’s day will just be like another ordinary day. I am glad you came into my life.

                                            • No strings attached. Come to my place on Valentine’s night for a big surprise.

                                              • Chocolates are sweet and so are you. Happy Valentine’s day! 

                                                • I woke up to the happiest morning of my life because you’re beside me and it’s Valentine’s Day.

                                                  • Open the door. Your surprise is waiting for you in a kinky package. Happy Valentine’s Day!

                                                  Hope you enjoyed reading our collection of Flirty Valentines Messages for Him!  

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