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On festivals like Diwali, everyone has a list of family and friends to whom we wish to send greetings and good wishes. Why not send specialized greetings and brighten up someone’s day this festival of lights? 

Here’s a list of sample deepawali wishes for your friends and family.  Read on to find the special, unique messages for the special, unique people who influence you in your life and whose presence in your life makes your Diwali a crackling affair. 

  • The Geeky Buddy – “Have a safe and pollution-free Diwali.” I’m sure all of us have the studious pals who look at the pollution and not the sparklers, so why not send a perfect message to them.

  • The Religious Uncle – “May the auspicious worshipping of Lakshmiji & Ganeshji herald auspicious new beginnings of prosperity and joy in your life forever.

  • The Symbols-fixation Aunty – “This Festival of Lights, may the tilak of wealth and prosperity light up your life with the radiance of joy.” 

  • The Intelligent Cousin – “Best wishes on the Festival of De-lights.”

  • The Nitpicking Friends – “May the joy and cheer of this divine festival light up your life today and forever.”

  • The Serious Friend – “May this festival of lights spread the light of togetherness and joy with every step you take. Light-en up this Diwali”

  • The Trendy Pal – “Just dropped by to wish you a very happy Diva-li for a glam Diva like you.”

  • The Seniors – “May the prosperity of Diwali usher health, wealth & happiness in your life.”

  • The Family Man – “May the festival of lights grant the radiance of joy, prosperity & blessings on you and your family.”

  • The Society Changer Type – “This Diwali, let us share our celebrations with the lesser privileged. All they need is your blessings & good wishes. Happy Diwali.” 

So, SMS or email or write a card to convey happy Diwali wishes to all your near and dear ones and celebrate this Festival of Lights with joy and cheer.

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