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Valentines is such a wonderful occasion where you receive gifts from your admirers, friends and relatives. Of course, a thank you is a must especially for the chocolates accompanied with the lovely gift. While you’re sugar loaded from all the sweets and chocolates  you’ve received, it would be really sweet to send sweet thank you messages too. 

Here is an amazing collection of thank you messaegs for chocolates  that you can use to thank those sweet people who made your Valentines day really sweet!

  • I really enjoyed those Mon Chéri chocolates you sent me for Valentines. Thank you so much! 

  • You’re such a sweet darling, thank you for all those chocolates you gave me for Valentines.

  • You know how to make a girl really happy. Thanks for all those chocolates I got for Valentines. 

  • You didn’t have to fill my car with all those chocolates. I’m not complaining though. Thank you for such a sweet Valentine gift!

  • Mom thought you sent me the whole chocolate section of the grocery. Thanks for being such a sweet Valentine.

  • You know chocolates are my favorite. Thank you so much for this Valentine’s gift. 

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, thanks for all the chocolates, you’re my Valentine too. 

  • Thanks for all the raw chocolates you gave me for Valentines. You know it’s time to bake that super moist chocolate cake. Come over if you please.

  • Sweet dreams are made of chocolates. Thanks for all those sweet bars you gave me for Valentines. Now I’m in dream land.

  • Chocolate equals love. Thanks for the box of chocolates you gave me for Valentines!

  • I love it when I get chocolates for Valentines. Thank you so much mom!

  • Ok, that much chocolate you gave spells diabetes. Not complaining though. Thanks for the wonderful Valentine’s gift. 

  • Chocolates are the best, especially coming from you dear. Thanks for the Valentine’s gift. 

  • Dad, thank you for the chocolates you gave me for Valentine’s day. I love it!

  • Love is like a box of chocolates. You get to eat them all. Thanks for the delectable Valentine’s gift. 

  • Thank you dear for all those heart shaped chocolates you gave me for Valentines. I love you.

  • Valentine’s Day is special, especially when you cap it of with a box of sweet chocolates. Thank you darling!

  • I don’t call you sweetheart for nothing. Thanks for all the chocolates you gave on Valentine’s Day.

  • Is there anyone else as sweet as you? Thank you for all the chocolates I got on Valentine’s Day.

  • Chocolates everywhere in my room. The one you gave me stands out from all the rest. Thanks for the sweet Valentine’s gift!

  • My doctor said chocolates are bad for me. I stopped seeing that doctor. Thanks for the chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 

  • I love chocolates. Chocolate is love. I wish it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. Thanks for the lovely chocolates sweetheart!

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