Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes/Belated Happy Birthday Greetings/ Belated wishes for Birthday

A birthday celebration for each person is a special day to give thanks for another year of life. Among our family and friends, we usually extend our greetings to show our love and care for them. But what if you failed to greet on time, what words can you say to the celebrant? Here are some messages you can use for your belated birthday greetings:

  • Belated happy birthday my friend, I am sorry this message is late, but it comes with full of love and wishes for you. 

  • I saw the upcoming birthday date last week, but I was too busy on your exact birthday I and I missed sending you my greetings. I am sure it was a blast, I will make up to you. How about a movie and dinner this weekend? Let me know if you are available. Happy Birthday to my lovely cousin! 

  • Belated happy birthday Teacher! I just came from travel abroad; I hope this gift and note will brighten your day. 

  • Forgetting your birthday does not mean I do not care. It is just that I am overwhelmed with things lately. Hopefully, we can still celebrate your birthday. How about a dinner for two on Saturday? It’s my treat! 

  • My birthday greeting is quite late. I wish I can re-create another birthday party for you and put myself sitting beside you. Hope you had fun in your celebration. Happy Birthday brother! 

  • Belated Happy Birthday to one of the nicest person in the office. Too bad I am on a holiday leave when you throw a pizza party. Happy Birthday! 

  • Because you are special, your birthday is celebrated the whole month of September. It means my greetings is not yet late, is in it? We can still celebrate next week when I get back from my European vacation. Happy Birthday my dearest friend! 

  • Sorry, sorry, sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry….I am sorry I totally forgot your birthday. I know there is no excuse for it, belated Happy Birthday honey! 

  • Sorry for missing your much awaited birthday party event, Charlize told me that you had a great party last night. Hope you had the best birthday celebration ever. 

  • My birthday greetings came shortly, but for sure my thoughts are always with you. Happy Birthday baby! 

  • Accept my hugs and kisses for my late birthday greetings. You know how special you are to me. Happy Birthday! 

  • Wishing you the best of life and good health always! Belated happy birthday uncle. 

  • I heard your birthday party was fabulous! You deserved on because you are such a fabulous pretty girl in town! Happy birthday! 

  • Belated happy birthday to my dearest daughter, your Dad is having memory gaps already. Well, the work has been too tight lately, forgive me sweetie. You know being away from all of you makes me lost in time because of work. I love you baby. 

  • I have always been punctual with my schedules and work, but I do not know how I missed your birthday. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead, belated happy birthday friend! 

  • I may forgotten your birthday, but I swear you are special to me. Happy Birthday to the most talented person in the group.  

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