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    Conveying your love to that special someone should not just be as common as those three words. There are many ways to show and express your love. To get you started on the right note with the right wordings here is a list of thoughtful I love you messages that you can use.
    • No matter what they say, I will always love you. 

    • I love you for the rest of my life my love! 

    • I will risk it all for you. That's how much I love you. 

    • You are the reason why my heart keeps beating. I love you forever. 

    • As long as I have your love, you will always have mine. 

    • I won't always say I love you but I will always do. 

    • Heaven must be here on Earth since I have your love. 

    • Your love is an answered prayer. I love you babe! 

    • The love that we have for each other will sustain us to infinity. 

    • There is no escaping your love, even in my dreams. 

    • You were always the one in my heart my love. 

    • When I think about our love for each other, my heart beats to the tune of our song. 

    • Our love has brought out the best in us. May we always be together. 

    • I will fight for our love no matter what. 

    • It will not be a perfect journey, but our love will surely keep it interesting. 

    • My love for you will always remain the same, even if the world comes to an end. 

    • Two reasons why we should celebrate our love more often. You and me. 

    • I may not be the perfect man for you, but my love is perfect for you. 

    • I love you and will care for you until the time we grow old. 

    • My heart only belongs to you my love. 

    • Your love has brought out the best in me. Be my love forever. 

    • I am so much in love with you that I have changed for the best. 

    • Your love has taken me to new heights of happiness that I am willing to share with you forevermore. 

    • You are the love of my life whom I shall forever cherish. 

    • Even before we met, I knew that I love you.

        Hope you loved reading our lovely collection on lovely I love you messages. So what are you waiting for go ahead and send your I love you message right away! 

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